Finally found a competent counterpart at a client ... aaaand he got promoted

15 famous memes – Management Consulting Edition

Management Consulting and the Social web very rarely meet. Whenever they do however it is always extremely funny. This is why I made 15 famous internet memes into consulting memes supplementing them with Management Consulting context and quotes.

Based on the Evergreen 11 famous internet memes you should know I extended the meme section of this blog by 15 Management Consulting Memes that feature common consulting contexts and situations. Or should I say 15 memes only Management Consultants will understand?

Push your deadlines and enjoy the read!

1 | Tuned timesheet submitted for a boosted bonus?!

(And Then I Said Meme)

And then I told them .... I would never overrcharge a client

2 | Always a sad moment when your favourite point of contact vanishes into thin air

(Aaaand it’s gone Meme)

Finally found a competent counterpart at a client ... aaaand he got promoted

3 | The rest of them are just seeking payback by punishing consultants

(Good Guy Greg Meme)

Goog guy client: Has been a consultant before - doesn't make you work all-nighters

4 | When the adhoc report turns daily report all of a sudden

(I should buy a boat cat Meme)

I should have built a macro

5 | But you still want me to make you money, right?!

(Sarcastic Tell Me More Willy Wonky Meme)

Tell me more about how your company is different from all my other assignments before

6 | It’s friday, friday, friday …

(Scunbag Steve Meme)

Douchebag Client: Makes you work the weekend - checks out friday at 2pm and turns off cell phone

7 | Agencies send you psd-files! Consultants send you xlsx-files!

(That Would be Great Meme)

If you could start calling us Consultants instead of Agency that's be great

8 | That’s why you call “Thursday” the “Consulting Friday”!

(Dr. Evil Air Quotes Meme)

Not on site: I spend fridays at our headquarters ... working

9 | Acquisition is a process – even when using a freemium workshop model

(Things are getting pretty serious Napoleon Dynamite Meme)

I did a 2-day workshop on site last year so you could say the client-relationship is getting pretty serious

10 | Is there anyone out there dialing into a Zoom call fully clothed?

(The most interesting man in the world Meme)

I don't always take conference calls from home but when I do I make sure i sit on my couch wearing only my underwear

11 | Do not overestimate the “consulting” in “management consulting”

(Morpheus Matrix Meme)

What if I told you ... the client doesn't give a ahit about your adivce as long as you do as he/she says

12 | We are sorry, but they data you requested is confidential in nature

(Pulp Fiction meme)

The data - do you have it

13 | BTW one of the single most important features of thinkcell: autofreeze

(I ain’t even mad Meme)

Found a typo on a chart after Windows 10 froze my screen - I'm not even mad, that's amazing

14 | Sorry McKinsey

(Damned Scots, They Ruined Scotland Meme)

Brothers and sisters are natural enemies like McKonsey Consultants and BCG Consultants

15 | Insert joke here: _______

(Giorgio A. Tsoukalos Ancient Aliens Meme)

Consultants Ancient Aliens Meme
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