11 memes you should know about

11 famous internet memes you should know

You wanna know how people spend their free time on the web? Internet memes are currently a integral part of the fun web and a major waste of time.

What are internet memes?

You do not need me to quote every aspect of the wikipedia meme definition. I will just say this: For the purpose of this blog post memes are a number of widely distributed and re-occuring images that are usually extended by users using quotes or putting the displayed motives in new contexts and situations.

You experienced something embarrassing? – Write it on an image of the Socially Awkward Penguin!

Your boyfriend cheated on you? – Then he acted like Scumbag Steve!

Understood? Good. Let’s get into the listical:

1. Grumpy Cat – The symbol of ignorance against other human beings

Grumpy Cat Why dont you slip into a coma
Example: Grumpy Cat Meme

Grumpy Cat is actually famous without being a meme on the internet. The cat’s owners have been sending his pics, videos and merge all around the world. On the internet Grumpy Cat is associated with almost all scenarios that involve hating other human beings.

The poor cat. I am willing to bet he is actually happy and friendly in real life …

Pinterest Board with additional Grumpy Cat memes.

2. Overly attached girlfriend – Now you are mine, for ever and ever and ever

Overly Attached Girlfriend Our Penis
Example: Overly Attached Girlfriend Meme

Did you ever have a grilfriend that thought your realtionship was gonna last an eternity and would be just as romantic as any Disney movie. Did she follow you everywhere you went? The meme Overly Attached Girlfriend is based on this scenario. The image on its own (without the text) is usually enough to make a grown man want to run away.

Pinterest board with addtional Overly Attached Girlfriend Memes

3. Success Kid – Winning at life

Sucess Kid Meme - plugged in USB
Example: Success Kid Meme

Delivered a nice move? Achieved something that appeared out of reach before? Express yourself using the Success Kid meme. This meme originated when this little kid was photographed brilliantly at the beach. He has been a symbol of success eversince.

Not long ago he used his fame to help his father fight a potentially deadly disease.

Pinterest board with Success Kid memes

4. Good Guy Greg – There is still good people out there

Good guy Greg talk much
Example: Good Guy Greg Meme

This smiling bold guy represents all the good that is left in human beings – at least in the world wide web he does. All nice and fair gestures people experience by other people are usually attributed as something Good Guy Greg does. This is not limit to interpersonal relationships rather than all good deeds – even in public.

Pinterest board with Good Guy Greg memes

5. Socially Awkward Penguin – Shit happens a lot

Socially Awkward Penguin - favourite song
Example: Socially Awkward Penguin Meme

Socially awkward people appear to make a comeback across the world wide web. There is no other place that is more inviting for embarrassing moments to be shared with peers. The Socially Awkward Pennguin tends to accumulate most of these stories in its memes.

For quite some time now there has also been the addition of the Socially Awkward Awesome Penguin. If an embarrassing story develops a turnaround along the way the bottom part of the meme background turns red and the penguin legs appear to be walking in the opposite direction. A win can be celebrated!

Socially Awkwards Awesome Penguin - hang and bang
Mashup: Happy End for the Socially Awkward Penguin

Pinterest board featuring socially awkward penguin memes

6. Scumbag Steve – Everyone knows an a**hole like him

Scumbag Steve Meme clogs toilet
Example: Scumbag Steve Meme

Scumbag Steve is a stereotypical a**hole friend. Everything he does is exclusively for his know benefit and other people’s problems do not appear to matter to him at all. Seeing these memes I am always highly disturbed at what some “friends” are doing to each other. Thanks to Scumbag Steve!

I believe that Scumbag Steve and Overly Attached Girlfriend would make and amazing couple.

Pinterest board with Scumbag Steve memes

7. Bad Luck Brian – Save your pity

Bad Luck Brian - Downloads 1 song prison
Example: Bad Luck Brian Meme

Bad Luck Brian does not have any game or luck in life. This includes his clothes and his grin which both suggest he had a hard time in school. Whenever something good happens to him there is 100% percent possibility of things turning really bad really fast afterwards! This is the main mechanic of the meme. It also differs from other memes in the fact that most of the Bad Luck Brian stories and quotes seem to be works of fiction rather than real-life events. But this does not make it less funny.

Pinterest board of Bad Luck Brian Memes

8. Stoner Guy – Smoking for enlightenment

Stoner Guy - Pokedex Facebook
Example: Stoner Guy Meme.

The philosopher of memes! But this guy only turn wise once he is flying high as a kite. Therefore some of his enlighted realisations might be hard to grasp at first. Most of them are funny nontheless.

Pinterest board featuring Stoner Guy memes

9. Sudden Clarity Clarance

Sudden Clarity Clarance Spider Man Selfies
Example: Sudden Clarity Clarance Meme

Clarance represents a meme that is primarily used for fun facts and interesting trivia. The most funny part of the meme is the face he makes when he appears to have an epiphany in club full of people.

10. Actual Advice Mallard / Good Advice Duck

This duck always has great tips for you. This meme is rather classy than funny. It has been making his way through the web over the last couple of years.

Pinterest board with Actual Advice Mallard memes

11. Insanity Wolf – Pushing the limits of acceptable behaviour

Insanity Wolf - pulled over female cop
Example: Insanity Wolf Meme

The Insanity Wolf is the clear opposite of the Socially Awkward Penguin. Whenever he gets into potentially dangerous situations he takes the most offensive road available. Social suicide it within his reportoire. Sometimes I laugh at the memes, sometimes I just close my notebook in disgust.

Pinterest Board for Insanity Wolf memes

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