Georg Stengel Mars Cover

Prepare to go to mars (with Georg Stengel)

Summerhit incoming? The song “Mars” by Georg Stengel currently makes its way through the spotify viral charts und could be around for some time.

Every once in a while I have this strange occurence while listen to discovery playlists on spotify: While the chorus is playing for the first time I realize that the current song is going to be in my head for quite some time.
While listening to the song “Mars” by Georg Stengel this happpened to me yesterday. I just wanted to give you all a heads-up! I found the song on rank two in the spotify German Viral 50 playlist.

Video: Georg Stengel – Mars (Official Video)

Georg Stengel - Mars

What are the characteristics of a good summer hit?

Why am I convinced of this song going to be around for next few weeks? From my perspective this song features a few attributes that usually act as an accelerator in the german top lists:

  • The lyrics and content are not in any way harmful to people’s opinions (religion, politics etc.)
  • The beat is a straight forward four-quarter-time which allows for the common German to dance Discofox if he is not busy clapping off-beat.
  • The text is in German and walks a fine line between pop music and country.
  • The song manages to paint a mental picture (flying to mars) while spreading positive summer vibes
  • The artist has a history in German Free-TV (The Voice of Germany).

I would even go so far as to suggest similarities between this song and former summer hit wonders like Cordula Grün (Jost) or Wenn jetzt Sommer wär (Pohlmann). Therefore I predict that the song is going to be everywhere within the next 14 days: Featured in 1Live Neu für den Sektor, all other radio stations and a permanent member of the Spotify Top50 Germany …
This might be largely benefited by the fact that some established artists (*cough* Robin Schulz with Alane *cough*) did not invest a lot of time and effort into creating 2020 summer hits.

The song Mars by Georg Stengel was published on spotify on 12. June 2020, but is just getting started in terms of public reception.

About Georg Stengel (Musician)

Georg Stengel is a German Musician that made his first major public apperances at The Voice of Germany in 2015 and 2016. During his first year at The Voice he recieved one buzzer and during his second apperance he recieved two buzzers (Yvonne, Michi Beck & Smudo). Stengel is 26 years of age and was born in Jüteborg (Brandenburg). Since his TV apperances he is a professional artist. Before publishing the song Mars he also published songs like:

  • Holterdiepolter
  • Ich brauch dich nicht

Stengel also plays the guitar.

Georg Stengel Mars Cover
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